dimanche 6 novembre 2011


The Ladies in White, seen here,under a repressive action by Castro's Security and politica police.


By Peter Martori

I am apalled by the fact that the  medias, in general, refers  to Kaddafi
as the only left dictator in the world. That is such a flagrant mistake
that one can not let it pass without a note of  disgust.It is a lie or a
skip of the minds  of those who have uttered such claims.

Because the fact is that there is one dictatorship lasting more than 50
years now , in Cuba another in North Korea, and  several ones in black
Africa, for instance in Zimwabe , in Gabon, Guinea, Angola  etc. And
also ,  let's not forget the Malaysia's dictatorship.

Not so far from the USA two dictators have been  surviving  thanks to
systematical repression and/or other means , such as in Cuba and Venezuela.
Castro has been ruling  for 52 yrs. with the same ruthless cruelty and
demagogics that the worst dictators in the former soviet camp. Hugo Chavez,
though elected behaves and
impose decrees and " laws" as any  true  dictator would.

What I do not understand is the deceitful means the Medias use  in  trying
to cover up such a bloody criminal dictator as Castro is ... and  I dare
anyone to claim that that regime is a legitimate one under  any rational
and logical analysis  that can show the contrary.

For instance ,when we all know that the same man has been in power for
almost a half century ( 52 yrs.) and after his health problems delegated
and passed the power to his own brother in a flagrant desdain and absolute
disrespect for the sovereignity of the cuban people  and  Democracy , we
can ,-- without the slightest doubt ,--consider this guy as the longest
lasting dictator in History.

Now that Kaddafi is  gone, let's try to put pressures on all the other
dictators and assist if necessary the people in those nations such as
Syria, Cuba, Yemen,Myanmar  etc. and if necessary do  intervene as in Lybia
to protect the civilians who revolt against those dictators. Let's hope
that the same actions  applied to Kadhafi in  Lybia could be applied to
guys like Castro in Cuba, Kim ilSung in North Korea etc.
But here I begin to wonder why no military pressures have  yet arrive in
Syria to end that other bloody dictatorship. ?

Hafed el Assad, the assassin in power there, should be toppled and is a
priority number  one, but I believe that the first one that should be gone
is Castro  and all the democratic nations should  start pressing on  the
longest  lasting dictatorship in the world History to liberate  the eleven
millions cubans from the bloody mafia regime in Cuba.

Peter Martori

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