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Elian Gonzalez, Cuban Raft Survivor, Turns 18

Elian Gonzalez, Cuban Raft Survivor, Turns 18.

At the time of those tragic events, I was apalled and consternated about the lack of feelings and compassion for the  25 years old mother of Elian who did all she could to save the life of her son ...She was hardly mentioned and her sacrifice was not even an issue for the Medias and the organizations who later supported the return of Elian to the "paradise" and his -- suddenly -- caring father . Curious enough, the guy got out of Cuba  faster than any one ever could. Cubans trying to get out of there know how difficult and costly and painstaking it is to get out legally...the other more expeditive alternative is : the rafts or small boats or even the landing  gear of a trans-oceanic airplane...
Elian's mother  just couldn't survive after the dangerous raft journey but she did all what  she could to save her son and finally , a miracle : God took care of her six yrs. 
old  son.

Then , Elian  Gonzalez was found by a fisherman floating on top of an inner tube near  Miami beach.

Most parents escaping from the Castro's "paradise"
would do the same : sacrifice their last drop of water and food for the younger ones.
Elian Gonzalez (R), on June 30, 2010, is seen in a church of Havana, during the celebration of 10th Anniversary of his return from Miami. (ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images)12/ 6/11 10:02 PM ET   Associated Press
Outrageous XXXX  it was outrageuos and disrespectful fo the dead mother to return him to Cuba, not to his  father who was just a puppet for the occassion, given the need for Castro's regime to deviate the attention from the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION AT GENEVE MEETING 
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HAVANA -- Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who survived a perilous raft journey that killed his mother and became a symbol of troubled relations between the United States and Cuba, is now an adult.
Gonzalez currently studies at a military academy on the island and took part in an 18th birthday celebration Tuesday in his native city of Cardenas alongside his father, according to images broadcast on the nightly news.
Gonzalez was shy of his sixth birthday on Thanksgiving Day 1999 when a fisherman found him off the coast of Florida, clinging to an inner tube after his mother and others fleeing Cuba drowned trying to reach American soil.
He was taken to live with relatives in Miami but his father, who was separated from his mother and had remained on the island, demanded that the boy be sent back, saying Elian was taken without his consent. The dispute turned into a headline-grabbing international custody battle that weighed heavy on the 2000 presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.
Fidel Castro threw the weight of the Cuban government behind the case, mobilizing seven months of massive demonstrations calling for Gonzalez's repatriation.
It was one of the few moments since 1959 when the Cold War rivals agreed on something: The U.S. legal system ruled that Gonzalez should be returned to his father.
But Gonzalez's Miami relatives refused to relinquish him, and on April 22, 2000, federal agents raided Elian's uncle's home in Little Havana and seized the boy from a closet at gunpoint. He returned to Cuba two months later.
On Tuesday, Elian spoke by phone with Rene Gonzalez, a Cuban intelligence agent who was released from prison in the U.S. in October but was ordered to serve three years' parole in the country. Cuba is demanding his return and has made his case and that of the other "Cuban Five" a cause celebre.
"He wished me a happy birthday," said Elian.
The two are not related.

Trade liberty for safety or money and you'll end up with neither. Liberty, like a grain of salt, easily dissolves.  The power of questioning -not simply believing- has no friends. 
Yet liberty depends on it.

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